The main activities of our Foundation are:

  • the creation and maintenance of the shelter;
  • providing help and required treatment for the injured stray animals, finding the new owners for the homeless animals;
  • neutering of the stray animals.


Also, one of our main tasks is raising public awareness of the importance of humane treatment of animals, responsible pet ownership, and spaying and neutering.
Dim Sirka Projects:
We have built the only shelter in Ivano-Frankivsk, and there are 160 dogs. We give shelter and care for the dogs not only from our city but from the whole territory of our region. Our shelter is kept entirely by donations, only a few volunteers work physically, we are always in need of assistance, hands, money, food, medicine … Any help is priceless!
In 2012 we also launched the “Sirko Cup”. It is an annual festival for dogs and their owners. There are different kinds of competitions for mongrel and purebred dogs. The main aims of the event are communication, consultations on the animals, collecting donations, the sale of souvenirs, and just the opportunity to have fun with pets. Every time during this event several happy dogs find the new loving owners.
To raise funds, we place our boxes in shops, which kindly allows us to. We perform weekly so called “charitable action” in the main street of our city, where we acquaint people with our work, distribute leaflets with information how to help homeless animals, and collect donations.

Join in! Watch for announcements of events on our website and follow us on social networks.