Please support our new project!

After our first successful project in GoFundMe (, we again call on the support of all our friends and caring announce a new fundraising. One of the biggest problems that we face every day is the extremely high prices of veterinarian services in our city. That is why we decided to open its own non-profit…


New kennels

We are pleased to announce that thanks to our benefactors who responded to our call to help us in money raising for the kennel for our shelter, we were managed to build and purchase kennels on $ 3750! We sincerely thank each and everyone who has joined this initiative on the GoFundMe platform (!

Help our dogs to get new homes!

“Dim Sirka” lounches the fundrising initiative – our dearest inhabitants are badly in need of new kennels, so we decided to ask each of you for help. Please visit . There you will find the details of the project, and will have the possibility to donate easily in USD, CAD, GBP, and EUR. Dear…


In the animal shelter installed CCTV


В рамках виконання меморандуму про співпрацю з міською владою Калуша, в притулку було встановлено відеоспостереження (за кошти калуського підприємця Сергія Барни). Тепер можна на власні очі в режимі реального часу спостерігати за життям чотирилапих мешканців притулку за посиланням

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